Simon Singh’s Bogus Journey

Simon Singh

One of my all-time favorite science and math writers, Simon Singh, was handed an unbelievably idiotic ruling in a libel case in the UK. The case was brought over Singh’s use of the term “bogus” in a piece about chiropractic, the idiotic pseudoscience of back-cracking as a cure-all. “Bogus”, a term favored by my weed-smokin’ cohort in high school — later popularized by Bill & Ted — seems to me a rather tame epithet to throw at chiroquackery. But the back-crackers themselves, and apparently the judge, felt otherwise.

According to Jack of Kent’s Blog, Singh is pondering whether or not to appeal, and will announce his decision Monday, May 18th at 6:30pm GMT, at “the Penderels Oak, the usual meeting place of London Skeptics in the Pub.” He will be joined by other speakers and supporters.

Wish I could be there. Readers of this site know that I’m a fan of both Singh and freethinking… I will watch from this side of the Atlantic with great interest!

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