Torchwood Returns! Barrowman Spills the Beans

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Breaking news from Blogtor Who: Torchwood will return for another series, a full 13-episode season (not just a mini-series a la Children of Earth).

The news was given by John Barrowman on BBC’s Radio 2 in an interview with Stephen Wright. I have transcribed the relevant clip below (pardon any inaccuracies):

STEPHEN WRIGHT: “And what about Doctor Who? I know that you like the new Doctor Who, and of course there’s Captain Jack. Are you going to have further adventures in the new Doctor Who series; is there going to be any more Captain Jack?”

JOHN BARROWMAN: “Well, first off, the Doctor Who aspect I don’t know about Captain Jack’s future in Doctor Who, because nothing’s been said or I haven’t been asked. I’m kind of prepared that I won’t be in any of it, which is fine… but, Torchwood — we are discussing the future of Torchwood, because most definitely Torchwood will come back to the BBC, which is fantastic.”

STEPHEN WRIGHT: “But you’re not sure when.”

JOHN BARROWMAN: “We’re not sure when, ’cause we have to work out the logistics of the filming and it’s already said that it’ll be 13 episodes instead of 5.”

STEPHEN WRIGHT: “Okay, well, that’s great news!”

Great news indeed!

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