My Picks for the Torchwood Team

Now that John Barrowman has confirmed that Torchwood will be returning for another run (see previous post), I thought I’d present my fantasy picks for a newly reassembled Torchwood team. Torchwood: Children of Earth [SPOILER ALERT] killed off Ianto Jones, leaving a skeleton crew of just Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper. Their former headquarters were blown up, and the encounter with the 456 left a bad taste in Captain Jack’s mouth, prompting him to go on an intergalatic walkabout.

I’ve got some ideas about which characters in the Whoniverse ought to be called up for duty in rebuilding Torchwood. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke). The last time we saw Mickey — the long-suffering, sometimes boyfriend of Rose Tyler — he was leaving the TARDIS, opting to return to his native universe after having spent time in the alternate one containing Rose and his grandma. His experiences have matured him from a goofy slacker to a sharp warrior. As he walks away, Captain Jack runs after him, saying he needs to talk. Perfect segueway to bringing Mickey on board.

The only hitch I can anticipate is that actor/director Noel Clarke is very busy with his own successful projects, including the upcoming

2. Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). The Doctor’s former traveling companion was walking off with Mickey when Captain Jack ran after them. He wanted to talk to them both. This one seems an easy pick: Martha is already adored by Captain Jack, is a physician, has worked with Torchwood before, and has single-handedly saved the world. No-brainer.

3. Lois Habiba (Cush Jumbo) The sweet, conscientious and courageous junior assistant to the Eichmann-like bureaucrat John Frobisher is a stand-out fan favorite. Appearing in all five episodes of Torchwood: Children of Earth, she proved her mettle with her brave civil disobedience, helping to bring down the wicked 456 collaborators in the government.

4. PC Andy Davidson (Tom Price). PC Andy was Gwen Cooper’s partner back when she was a police officer, and he is always loyal to Gwen’s sense of justice — even when he is kept in the dark about Torchwood and its “spooky dos”. He traditionally appears as a bit of comic relief, but he is extraordinarily noble and tough when he needs to be.

5. Rhys Williams (Kai Owen). Gwen’s lovable husband is already a de facto member of the team, having helped them out of several scrapes. Perhaps Captain Jack should make it official and put him on the payroll.

6. Captain John Hart (James Marsters). My long-shot pick. Captain Jack’s former colleague at the Time Agency — and former boyfriend — is a bit of a crazy mercenary; it might not be wise to give him the keys to the store. He has certainly caused a lot of trouble, but he was hoodwinked into behaving badly the last time we saw him. He really does seem to love Captain Jack, though; maybe if he’s kept on a short leash? It would make for good TV, in any case.

What are your picks? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. *LITTLE SPOILER for Doctor Who – End of Time*

    Besides the ones you already stated a wild guess because of EoT Part 2: Alonso Frame (Russell Tovey) would probably be a good replacement for Ianto.

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