Top Celebrity Dumbasses of 2009

The champions of reason over at Sense About Science recently published their annual collection of famous folk who spout unscientific (and often dangerous) nonsense. Celebrities and Science 2009 singles out a variety of celebs, recapping their fuzzy beliefs and countering them with educated rebuttals. Highlights include:

Heather Mills claims it is “a fact” that meat sits in your digestive tract for 40 years and kills you.

Roger Moore insists that eating foie gras gives you Alzheimer’s.

Suzanne Somers suggests that Patrick Swayze was killed by his treatment.

Fergie believes vinegar shots burns fat.

These are pretty tame, if misguided claims. I’m surprised that Sense About Science didn’t single out Oprah, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for their remarkably dangerous and ignorant anti-vaccination campaign — these are much bigger celebs and a much bigger controversy. (See Phil Plaitt’s posts at Bad Astronomy for some good info on the subject.)

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