H. Jon Benjamin Sampler

If you haven’t done so already, you must check out the new FX series Archer, the hilarious secret-agent toon by the creators of Frisky Dingo. Its all-star cast features Jessica “Play Misty for Me” Walters, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler, and the funniest voice over actor EVER, H. Jon Benjamin (in the title role).

In tribute, here are a few Benjamin classics.

Home Movies: “Don’t Get a Tattoo”

This clip is from the pilot episode of the brilliant Home Movies. In it, Coach McGuirk (Benjamin) warns Brendon (Brendon Small, of Metalocalypse) about the folly of getting a tattoo.

Home Movies: “Stage Kiss”

Benjamin also voiced the character Jason Penopolis in Home Movies. Here we see Jason getting excited about a stage kiss:

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil: “The Devil is a Disease”

I love this tragically short-lived show best of all, and will not be complete until I have a deluxe Blu-Ray of the entire series.

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