The Doctor’s skyrocketing popularity in America: a lament

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I am ambivalent about the increasing popularity of Doctor Who here in the United States (evidence of which is embedded below in the Fine Brothers’ fine video summarizing the last 47 years of the show). On the one hand, I am happy that more of my fellow Yankees finally “get” my favorite sci-fi show; on the other hand, I must come to grips with the fact that my love for the show no longer distinguishes me as quirky or unique (if it ever did).

We all know this phenomenon. We saw bands before they were cool… we watched audiences walk out in contempt at early Nirvana shows; we saw RuPaul performing on acid without a wig to a baffled crowd at the Pyramid. We “got it” ages before anyone else….

Oh well. Time to settle into my banality and run down the clock. The new season of Doctor Who will be a comfort in my dotage.

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