Goodbye, Sarah Jane

I am very, very sad — tears-in-the-eyes sad — to learn that Elisabeth Sladen has died. She was the Doctor’s most steadfast companion, and the sweetest. I can feel the mourning of Who fans everywhere right now; it’s a spooky and overwhelming sensation.

The Long Farewell to the Tenth Doctor

goodbye-doctorThe long goodbye to the tenth Doctor continues in the who-niverse, this time in a sweet and touching appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures. The Doctor bursts on the scene heroically to stop Sarah Jane from making a terrible mistake… we need her, after all, to defend the Earth while the Doctor is out on call.

I got a geeky lump in my throat as the Doctor implored Sarah Jane to not forget him. “We will never forget you,” she answered, speaking for all of us.

David Tennant still has a couple more episodes, but the foreshadowing looms… the writing team is bracing us well for the upcoming regeneration. Next up: “The Waters of Mars”, I can’t wait.