Black Mirror: 5 seconds into the future


The final episode of “Black Mirror“, Season 2 — “The Waldo Moment” — is a perfect tonic to wash out the greasy aftertaste of Seth MacFarlane’s sad spasm on the Oscars. It’s also one of the best of the series, right up there with “Fifteen Million Merits” (season 1). Seriously, if you’re in the US, find a way to watch the show. It’s some of the best television I’ve seen in ages (and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of television through the ages).

The Black Mirror series is a collection of self-contained short stories, set five seconds into the future. It is TV as literature, in a way that hasn’t been seen since Rod Serling, Paddy Chayefsky, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury clacked away at their Underwoods for “The Twilight Zone” and “Playhouse 90”.

In The Waldo Moment, we are convincingly shown how a cartoon bear, known for fart jokes, could easily become a political force. It is simultaneously hilarious, depressing, and plausible.

Black Mirror, indeed. We have seen the enemy, and it is us.